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WADDS is partnered with a number of the worlds leading industrial door and equipment manufacturers. This puts us in a unique position as we can select the right solutions from multiple product ranges to form a tailored solution to meet the needs of even the most complex project.



Loading docks are designated areas in a facility, such as a warehouse, manufacturing plant, or distribution centre, where goods are loaded and unloaded from trucks or other vehicles. Loading docks are typically equipped with features such as dock levellers, dock seals, and dock shelters to facilitate the loading and unloading process, and to ensure the safety of workers and the goods being transported.

These areas can be hazardous, however with a wide range of supporting equipment such as truck restraints, traffic lights, inflatable shelters, interlocking systems etc, the loading systems we supply are one of the safest available.

Whether it is a brand new project or a modernisation of an existing facility, we have the knowledge and products to make your loading docks safe and efficient.



Our Insulated sectional doors can be used in a wide range of industrial and commercial settings, such as warehouses, factories, cool rooms etc.


Our doors are made up of multiple panel sections. These panels are made of steel or aluminium depending on the project and are filled with a special polyurethane foam to help regulate temperature and reduce energy transfer.


One of the main benefits of this kind of door is it's energy efficiency. These doors can lead to significant savings on heating and cooling costs. Another big benefit is safety.

Unlike all other doors sold in Australia, all of our motorised doors come standard with a 'safety edge' on the bottom, so should the door ever be closed on someone or something, on the slightest contact the door will safely reverse in the opposite direction. To ensure our doors are the safest on the market we ensure all doors come as standard with both spring break and cable break devices. This guarantees the safety of your facility and your workforce.

Due the the infinite possible configurations of these doors, we are able to ensure one will be suitable for an opening even if a roller door or sliding insulated door is not possible.


A high-speed door, also known as a rapid door or high-performance door, is a type of commercial or industrial door that is designed to open and close quickly. These doors are typically used in a commercial, industrial or retail setting. They can help to improve efficiency by reducing the time it takes to open and close a door. This is particularly important in areas where there is a high volume of traffic, such as loading docks or manufacturing facilities. By opening and closing quickly, high-speed doors can help to minimise the amount of time that employees and vehicles need to wait to enter or exit a space.

Another benefit of high-speed doors is that they can help to improve safety and security. By opening and closing quickly, these doors can help to reduce the risk of accidents or collisions. They can also help to prevent unauthorized access to a building or facility, as they can be equipped with advanced security features such as keypads or biometric scanners.

Finally, high-speed doors can help to improve energy efficiency by reducing the amount of time that a door is open. Some of the doors in our range have speciality features such as insulated curtains, blowers or heaters to suit different environments and or applications. This can help to reduce heating and cooling costs in a building or facility.



Our large vertical lifting fabric doors are designed for massive industrial facilities such as airplane hangars, shipyards, and warehouses etc. These doors are made from durable PVC-coated polyester fabric. The fold-up doors are ideal for a wide range of industries where large openings are required, as they fold up neatly to provide a clear opening for machinery and equipment. 


Our hangar doors are specifically designed for aviation facilities and can be up to 100m wide and 30m high. Crane doors are built to withstand heavy-duty cranes and other machinery, with sizes up to 80m wide and 30m high.

All of Champion Doors' products are designed with durability, reliability, and ease of operation in mind, using high-quality materials and state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques to ensure the highest standards of quality and safety.


Loading docks and door systems are an essential part of any logistics, manufacturing operation. The design and installation of loading docks must be done with the utmost care to ensure that they are efficient, safe and durable.

This is why we offer our expertise to architects, builders, facility managers etc to ensure that the loading docks and doors are both safe and efficient.

Maintenance services are also a critical aspect of the design and consulting services, as regular maintenance ensures that the loading docks and industrial doors remain in optimal working condition. This is all considered as part of the design process to ensure the equipment selected continues to meet the needs of the business for the life of the equipment.



Not all solutions are off the shelf. This is why we have an in house design office that enables us to design and manufacture solutions quickly and efficiently. This eliminates the frustration and waste of having to 'make do' with off the shelf solutions.

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